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The company, HIJINN was formed  with an aim of providing the most innovative, next generation data intelligence approach to address disruptive, deep impact technology challenges.
We simply work to lower the complexity of data to intelligence transformation  by bringing a smart approach in data manuplation.

Founding Principal

A Solution-Oriented Senior Technology Executive with extensive Strategic Management experience and exceptional People Skills. Core Strengths include; Cutting Edge Technology Transformation, Cross-functional complex project delivery, International Business Development, Product Design, Development and Management, Solution Sales, Business and Marketing Strategy Development, International Resource and Program Management, C-Suite Relationship Management, and Strategic Networking.

Also, a motivated achiever with more than 20 years of significant, progressive experience of Hi-tech Solution Construction & Selling in IT.

Core Competency Area is Solution Design and Selling of Intelligent Business Platforms with supporting solid experience and deep touch in almost every major technology player spanning over the main verticals; Finance, Telecommunication, and Retail. 

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